Clearing and Forwarding Company In Durban

Durban Clearing and Forwarding was established in 1992 By Paul Bholla. Following many years in the industry the company has grown rapidly since inception. Durban Clearing commenced business as a clearing company for all returning SA residence and for those leaving SA.

In addition to clearing used household/personal effects and vehicles & other general cargo in South Africa; we have grown to specialise in clearing commercial goods and machinery and transportations to all the neighbouring countries surrounding South Africa, (Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mozambique).

In addition to the clearing and forwarding services, Durban clearing has its own transport company which takes care of all the delivery needs for our clients, specialising in abnormal loads, containers and transporting motor vehicle across the borders into the countries of destination.

Durban Clearing has its own Bonded Warehouse that allows clients goods to be safely kept in our care until they require delivery.

Durban Clearing offices are situated in Durban just opposite the Old Customs & Excise building & MSC Shipping near the Port entrance in Durban

We look forward to being of service to you.